TEASPOON MINISTRY is a charitable organization established in the Joliette region with the aim of

promoting a popular education toward individual development and community social development.

We help to give a better life for a better future.


It was in March 2015 that Teaspoon ministry was born. We booked Sunday evenings to offer a free meal of soup and sandwich for the underprivileged, low-income people and families, homeless people, those with addictions, those with mental health issues or intellectual disability, in short all those in need.


Our heart grew quickly and we wanted to give even more. Knowing that these people who visited us, had very little opportunity to attend shows, so we almost immediately added the show element to our evenings by offering musical, theatrical, or artistic performances on stage.


Although very important to us, our dream is not just to see less privileged people being fed and entertained. We aspire to help give them a better life, a source of inspiration and motivation. So we also added some informative elements. Well-selected speakers communicate essential values of human life; accompanists are trained to assist people personally in their life journey; opportunities to serve the organization are continually offered.

Today & Tomorrow

Today, Teaspoon Ministry is constantly growing. We host, for our dinner-concert, nearly 75 people each Sunday, serving a global clientele of more than 400 people with 150 new visitors per year, and more than 25 regular volunteers.


2 new components have been added to the activities of Teaspoon Ministry in 2017.


- Privileged by two major donors, Teaspoon Ministry receives and redistributes its food surpluses to other local organizations that help the most disadvantaged in the region.


- Teaspoon Ministry is recognized as welcoming organization for the social reintegration of people from the prison environment. We also receive people who are required to do community or compensatory work.


La P'tite Cuillère

Quoi / What :  Souper Spectacle & Conférence pour une éducation populaire visant le développement personnel et social

Quand / When : Dimanche 17h00 à 19h00

Où / Where  : 124 rue Lajoie Sud, Joliette , QC. , J6E 7M8  ( En haut du Sterling Pub & restaurant  L'Élan )

Info. : (450) 803-3359