December 17, 2017

Engaged on Christmas


It's the evening where Teaspoon meets to celebrate their Christmas supper. Everybody's feverish. The room is particularly well decorated for the occasion, the hot Christmas meal is prepared in order to satisfy our guests, and the volunteers are busy to place the last details. Finally, the doors of the room open to welcome our members and visitors. Many of them took advantage of this special Christmas evening to wear their finest clothes. After only a few minutes we realize that the crowd will be large tonight. Almost a hundred people. The assigned staff adds the necessary tables. Soon the room is almost full. What a joy to see all these people coming from a more difficult environment, to attend this special Christmas evening. Tonight, everyone will eat! Everyone will be welcomed and loved. Several people who participate to our evenings have not the privilege in their lives to be loved, cherished, appreciated. The life circumstances of many are summed up in rejection, humiliation, in contempt. Many have no family, many do not have a fixed home, many are struggling with addictions or mental health or an intellectual disability. But tonight, they are loved, listened to, desired. For me it is the most wonderful group of people I have had the chance to rub shoulders with. Some others others do not have these challenges of life but their heart is of incredible generosity so they give their time, their love, their friendship, their talents in order to contribute to the happiness of others.


The music begins. This is the group of music formed from people who frequent Teaspoon that is on show tonight. This one aspect delighted the hearts of listeners, because now Teaspoon has acquired a certain maturity and is now able to present talented people who use their gifts to entertain others.


The music continues throughout the evening until the instruction is shared. This is the place where Christian values are communicated, and the spiritual aspect is emphasized. On the stage the visual elements are prepared. The microphone for a song is ready, a small table adorned with a center that makes room for romance. Two chairs are arranged by the table.  I begin my instruction with the story of Mary and Joseph. The purpose of my subject is to bring hope to this Christmas season by demonstrating that the heavenly Father is doing things that we feel are impossible. Using Mary and Joseph's love story and the “impossible” birth of Jesus by Mary, I underline the fact that Mary was engaged to Joseph and was pregnant by virtue of the Holy Spirit. In order to illustrate the engagement aspect, a friend of Teaspoon, Julio, wanted to publicly propose his lover Kim. At this time of the instruction, Julio stepped forward on the stage asking Kim to approach and sit at the small table reserved for them. Julio and Kim took the place while the interpreter sang a song for the pleasure of the lovers. It follows the moment Julio took out an engagement ring asking her to marry her.  "She said yes ", Julio exclaimed to the satisfaction of all. Julio thanked God for letting him know Teaspoon last year and having met Kim.


The engagement ended with the arrival of a nice small cake presented by our chefs. What a memorable Christmas supper and Christmas illustration.         


La P'tite Cuillère

Quoi / What :  Souper Spectacle & Conférence pour une éducation populaire visant le développement personnel et social

Quand / When : Dimanche 17h00 à 19h00

Où / Where  : 124 rue Lajoie Sud, Joliette , QC. , J6E 7M8  ( En haut du Sterling Pub & restaurant  L'Élan )

Info. : (450) 803-3359