Our History

TEASPOON MINISTRY is a charitable organization established in the Joliette region with the aim of promoting a popular education toward individual development and community social development.

We help to give a better life for a better future.

Fundraising Campaign


On November 1, 2017 we started a fundraising campaign for the Teaspoon Ministry. In order to ensure the growth and continuity of the organization, we must join our campaign with hundreds of donors and thus achieve our goal.


We need your help ! Here's how.


1) Would you be interested in donating, CLICK ON GOFUNDME LOGO

2) Could you share our campaign on your social networks or elsewhere by adding a personal note in favor of this cause to see if your contacts would be interested to help with a donation, in addition to sharing this fundraising campaign.


We thank you very much for your help.


Thankfully ,
Teaspoon Ministry Team




There is a principle when you want to be a volunteer: Do what only you can do, because there is no one else like you. You are unique. And when we are together as a team we can do absolutely extraordinary things that we would never be able to do alone. This is the rule of equality; no one is complete by himself.


La P'tite Cuillère

Quoi / What :  Souper Spectacle & Conférence pour une éducation populaire visant le développement personnel et social

Quand / When : Dimanche 17h00 à 19h00

Où / Where  : 124 rue Lajoie Sud, Joliette , QC. , J6E 7M8  ( En haut du Sterling Pub & restaurant  L'Élan )

Info. : (450) 803-3359