Mosaic cafe

Where Creator and creation meet!


 Mosaic Café is a symbol of growth and maturity. The first Sunday of each month at Teaspoon Ministry is planned to allow for a bigger and faster spiritual journey. For a moment of joy and exchange in the pleasant atmosphere of a dinner, the journey of life and the Christian faith is communicated through various artistic and cultural media.

Opening of the new Mosaic Café, late 2018

Since it is a symbol of growth, Mosaic Café is also our phase 2 of the development of our organization. A café that will offer snacks and light meals to allow the poorer clientele to meet with friends and enjoy a place to meet and eat at a small cost.
In addition to the goal of self-financing, it will be a source of income for Teaspoon Ministry.

Café Mosaic will be attractive to high and middle income customers, allowing them to contribute more generously to their consumption to support low-income customers.

In an effort to encourage social reintegration and to provide adequate job positions , due to the limitations of some of our members, the labor would be people who have been discovered as volunteer for Teaspoon Ministry. We hope to help give them a better life for a better future.

Café Mosaic is also the legal entity (ONG) that works for the humanitarian sector. Mosaic Café is a qualified public charity describe in the Internal Revenue Code, and provides income-tax deductible acknowledgment to donors.


"Gradually, we are transformed into the image of Jesus" (bible)


La P'tite Cuillère

Quoi / What :  Souper Spectacle & Conférence pour une éducation populaire visant le développement personnel et social

Quand / When : Dimanche 17h00 à 19h00

Où / Where  : 124 rue Lajoie Sud, Joliette , QC. , J6E 7M8  ( En haut du Sterling Pub & restaurant  L'Élan )

Info. : (450) 803-3359